PCHRD approves projects for COVID-19 vaccine research

DOST Secretary Fortunato dela Peña announced to the public last 23 May 2021 that the R&D projects which aimed to evaluate the potential benefits of combining different COVID-19 vaccine products was recently approved through the DOST – Philippine Council for Health Research and Development. The two research projects will be ... Read More

PCHRD conducts In-Depth Training on FASSSTER and TanodCOVID for Volunteer Trainers and Data Interpreters

Last 15th of June 2020, the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) conducted an online in-depth training with volunteer trainers and data interpreters for the regional deployment of “Feasibility Analysis of Syndromic Surveillance using Spatio-Temporal Epidemiological Modeler” (FASSSTER) and TanodCOVID. The said technologies aim to support the decision-making ... Read More

#forahealthyCaraga: CHRDC Call for Research Proposals on COVID-19

With the country’s urgent need for R&D initiative to mitigate COVID-19 as well as for future outbreak preparedness, the Caraga Health Research and Development Consortium (CHRDC) under the umbrella of the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD), is now calling for interested researchers of its member-institutions to submit ... Read More

TRB Evaluates COVID-19 R&D Proposals Online

For this year’s funding, the Caraga Health Research and Development Consortium’s (CHRDC) Technical Review Board (TRB) evaluates research proposals submitted by the Caraga State University via online. The research entitled, “Understanding COVID-19 Pandemic Situations in the Philippines through Epidemiological Models and Resiliency Studies 2020 (UnCOVER PH 2020)” to be implemented ... Read More

COVID-19: How it became a Worldwide Pandemic

Coming from a large family of viruses, the coronavirus is responsible for a spectrum of illnesses. From the common cold to more severe infections like the ones caused by the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-related Coronavirus (SARS-CoV), and the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-related Coronavirus (MERS-CoV). Farm animals and domesticated pets are ... Read More