Phil. National Health Research System


Anchored on the principles of the Essential National Health Research (ENHR) on inclusiveness, participation, quality, equity, and effectiveness, the Philippine National Health Research System (PNHRS) is an integrated national framework for health research in the country. It is a convergence strategy that aims to promote cooperation and integration of all health research efforts and stakeholders in the country to ensure that research contributes to evidence-informed health policies and actions.


The PNHRS aims to improve the health status, productivity and the quality of life of Filipinos by:

  1. Ensuring that health research is linked to the health system needs;
  2. Ensuring that investments in health research yield the most benefit;
  3. Promoting good governance among health research organization through efficient, effective, transparent and ethical health research management system;
  4. Engaging in national and international partnerships and networks for health research development; and
  5. Ensuring the sustainability of resources for health research (Sec. 5, RA 10532).