Improving Health Research using Patent Database

Atty. Oliver P. Baclay Jr. together with Atty. Maureen Z. Macaraeg of Gulapa Law Firm, shared their knowledge and expertise on the basic concepts and technicalities of Intellectual Property Rights among the CHRDC member agencies. The training aims to provide solution to one of the pressing issues that raises concern among researchers which is the lack of information with regards to the protection of their research and development (R&D)  outputs.

Highlighted during the course of the training are the fundamentals of patenting and the introduction of patent database research. Atty. Baclay  emphasized the importance of incorporating Patent Database Research in their studies. He reiterated in his lecture the most efficient and reliable method in citing legitimate sources for their work. The discussions were substantiated with the case of patent #5,205,473- a product adapted by Starbucks Co., was also introduced in the training to understand the basics of letters patent. Google Patents, one of the databases was also adapted by the participants in order to look for the sample patented products given.

In addition, Atty. Macaraeg gave a presentation on the basic rules in establishing a Technology Transfer Office. She presented the general policy and the basic rights concerning the researcher, the government funding agency and the Research and Development Institute as well.

Both resource persons hoped that through the training, Caraga health researchers will optimize their R&D outputs and strengthen the research environment where innovation and creativity is at its best.