Gelia Castillo Award for Research on Social Innovations in Health (GCARSIH): Call for Applications 2020

The DOST – Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD) in cooperation with the Foundation for the Advancement of Clinical Epidemiology, Inc. (FACE, Inc.), University of the Philippines Manila, and Social Innovation in Health Initiative (SIHI) Philippines, calls for the submission of the Gelia Castillo Award for Research on Social Innovations in Health (GCARSIH). The award seeks to recognize change makers and highlight the innovations that seek to address the persistent societal and health system challenges, as well as providing an opportunity to scale up these innovations.

The Award is open to all individuals, groups and institutions that have successfully developed and implemented social innovations in health in the Philippines.

Participating institutions may come from:

  • public or private sectors
  • members of the consortium
  • scientific, technological and professional societies or associations
  • research institutes
  • universities and colleges
  • others

Submission of entries include the comprehensive write-up of health innovation, a description of future plans for sustainability or scale-up, as well as other relevant supporting documents. Deadline of submission is extended to September 21, 2020.

Social innovations in health (SIH) are defined as new solutions (product, services, models, markets, processes) created by multi-sectoral health system actors. The solutions must address a health need more effectively than existing approaches, and has the ability to enhance people’s capacity to act and take ownership of their own health. Social innovations have health-system changing potential as it changes and strengthens relationships between people and result in a more effective use of available resources. Examples are the One Health Boat Project, National TeleHealth System (NTS), and the Seal of Health Governance.

Click download for the entry form and submission guidelines.

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