eHealth Philippines


eHealth Philippines ( serves an information gateway for eHealth initiatives on the Philippines which creates space for lifelong learning of health practitioners to improve the quality of life of the people. The website takes on a community-based approach in generating and publishing information that will help its readers to appreciate, learn from, and contribute to the growing eHealth activities in the country as we course through in achieving All for Health Towards Health for All.

Overall, the website aims to improve the flow of health information in the country and to develop an accessible, timely, and relevant information resources for the health community. Also, wants to sustain content and infrastructure development and to develop capacity-building tools that match the absorptive capacity of information users. Lastly, the website aims to build a network and a community of health practitioners where they can share their experiences and expertise.

As website aims to mobilize the use of ICT to process and to deliver information in the health community through an online portal, it has undergone a series of developments. The first online portal was launched in 1998 which was mainly offered to health researchers and the community alike. From a research repository, the website was re-launched in 2003. It offered different information services such as the health facility registry, learning modules, government policies, and health industry information.

Following the trend on ICT development, was then re-launched in 2012. The website offered forums, conferences, and blogs as an additional feature of the website. To date, the on-going development of the website enhanced the existing features to better help the health community in addressing health information gaps.