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The Caraga Health Research and  Development Consortium (CHRDC) was organized on October 16, 2007. Dr. Jaime C. Montoya, PCHRD Executive Director presented the idea of organizing a regional health consortium with membership from the academic community, health institutions and various organizations involved in health  particularly those doing research and development activities. During that event, Dr. Montoya discussed the Philippine National Health Research System and the National Unified Health Research Agenda (NUHRA).

As an offshoot and after several consultations, a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the CHRDC, PCHRD and other interested institutions was signed on  May 13, 2008. The head of these institutions together with PCHRD  pledged t0 support and commit to the newly created health research and development consortium.


Vision, Mission and Objectives

CHRDC ‘s vision, mission and objectives were drafted last July 9, 2008.

A dynamic health research community for the attainment of health Caraga Region

CHRDC is committed to:

  1. collaborate, share resources and partner with various stakeholders through research and development
  2. ensure that the research outputs will contribute to the policy decision making and other health-related actions


The primary objective of the CHRDC is to establish and strengthen the system of collaboration in Caraga among the stakeholders engaged in health research and development to improve the health conditions of its people.

Specifically, the consortium aims to:Identify and implement priority health research and development programs and projects;

  1. Develop the capacity of the member-institutions on health research and development;
  2.  Establish a system of collaboration and resource sharing in undertaking health research and development programs and projects
  3. Generate resources for health-related researches consistent with the regional and national health research and development agenda;
  4. Promote utilization of health research and development findings; and;
  5. Develop mechanisms and implement strategies to ensure long-term viability of the CHRDC.
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